Monday, November 16, 2009

Hanging Out

It was an interesting week last week... all three kids were sick; 2 with strep, 1 with ear infection and a high fever and then passed out... twice! They are all doing better, but will probably cough for the next month... yuck!

We have soap, we have hand sanitizer, we are getting sleep, we are exercising/getting fresh air, we are eating mostly healthy and yet now, Daddy is sick. Oh, boy...

I am good... I don't have time to go down. My class ends Nov. 30th and I am sooooo ready for a break. I was just telling my sister that most of my life has stayed intact, but there are areas that really need a hand... and then I found a check she wrote me in MARCH, yes MARCH. We laughed and laughed. I so appreciate all of my friends who have helped me to keep my perspective or have at least humored my moods and tantrums during my adventure in graduate school. I just registered for my next three classes for Spring semester (spring semester begins in Jan... weird). I am definitely on the down-hill slide with an uphill climb ahead of me.

So, we are doing more hanging out around here. Enjoying each other and trying not to cough or breath on one another.

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

Karmyn R said...

Sounds like you have exactly what has been going around - a little swine flu mixed in with some strep. so much fun - not.

You amaze me! I'd have been a quivering mass on the floor by now.