Monday, May 3, 2010

Everyone to the green room...

As our weeks and weekdays become more and more busy with kid events, it has become important to us to spend time together. We spend a lot of time together as a family... but I'm talking about time to just sit together... the snuggle time. We were with some friends this weekend and they were excited about their Sunday night ritual... what was it? Movie Night. The boys were so excited and Mom and Dad said that it really helped to set the tone for the week.

Kids love it... set a tone... were in!

Sunday Night...
Dinner is taking a little longer to prepare than expected.

Both boys still need to do homework (don't even get me started on that.)

The kitchen is a disaster.

Couldn't find the movie I wanted to rent (Back to the Future, settled for Ghost Busters with a thumbs down from the peanut gallery.)
We will have movie night.

What's a mom to do? Divide and conquer. Boys... homework. Mom... kitchen. Baby Girl... pjs

I decide to go for something on TV... NOTHING... it's a wasteland. I hit the DVD cupboard and see Kung Fu Panda... jack pot!

Kids, darling husband.... Kids, darling husband... Kids, darling husband... EVERYONE TO THE GREEN ROOM!

With eyes rolling, sighs and general disdain... everyone appears. I begin the movie. More eyes rolling and signs.


5 minutes in... all eyes on the screen. Snuggles happening. Satisfaction from everyone in the room.

I think we've found our new tradition (although somebody needs to be a little more prepared with the movie selection.)


Karmyn R said...

Movie night is a good idea. We've been doing "game night" - every Friday evening after dinner we sit down with the kids and play a few games. The kids LOVE it. We laugh and have a good time. It puts a good mood to the busy weekend.

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

This sounds like heaven. I am so adopting it when the boys get a little older.