Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quick, quick and EASY

With our busy schedule and my will to eat healthy I heard about a quick dinner prep idea and I tried it and loved it!

Chicken... how many ways can you eat chicken?

My problem is that my chicken is usually frozen when I want to use it. So, at the beginning of the week (or when you have time), take the chicken out of the freezer (I had boneless, skinless thighs) and let defrost while you run errands or teach a preK class. When you arrive home, plug in the crock pot and rinse (a must do for me) the chicken and dump it in the crock pot. Set it to HIGH and let cook while you run children to practices (I didn't add any seasoning or water -- chicken was still slightly frozen as I want to use the chicken in different recipes.)

When you return home, exhausted (having been frustrated with the children, consoling a huge tantrum and generally just being a Mom) your chicken is finished and smells great. I then used my huge slotted spoon and removed the chicken from the broth and placed it into a glass dish. I used a spoon and fork to shred all of it.

At this point I was starving... the kids were fed, but I was not. I had cooked a yam in the microwave and I decided to top it with some of my shredded chicken. I added some salt and paprika to it and it was DELICIOUS. I was sooooo happy.

Now, my chicken is shredded and in the refer ready for my next quick meal... which will be Thursday when two more children have practice. This time I'm prepared!

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Pamela said...

hmmmmm..... I like the yam with some cinnamon. And I like the idea of cooking that chicken in the crock pot for use in other things.

but chicken on the yam? ?
... I'll just take your word for it.