Sunday, May 16, 2010

We have a hot tub!

This is an image that I borrowed... but it looks very similar to ours :)

We have always talked of getting hot tub and then laughed it off as we are frugal and that expense is not needed.

Well... we bought a hot tub (used) from some friends we've me through the world of soccer. We got a great deal (which I love). I was in charge of orchestrating the move.... which I wanted to be cheap. After calling two companies to move it and hearing the price tag of $300-$350 twice, I moved onto plan B. After a lot of encouragement from a friend, she convinced me that we could move it ourselves.

First order, rent a truck. Call first rental place and they will not secure a rental for me... first come, first served -- yuck! Call second rental (Uhaul) and they were fabulous. Truck secured.

Next... secure people... specifically big men to lift the hot tub. I wrangled up 6 men (along with their wives and kids). Everyone converged upon the house. Joe left early to get the truck. By the time I got there with three of the men they already had the hot tub moved from the back of the house and it was resting on its side in front of the truck. All six guys lifted it the rest of the way into the truck -- done.

Then, off to my house. We removed part of the fence (the broken part -- which will now get fixed -- thanks honey for always ignoring my request to fix the fence... we needed it broken this weekend) and the guys brought the hot tub through and had it placed on the patio in 10 minutes flat -- AMAZING! I was so impressed.

How do you go about repaying them for all of their hard work? Pizza and Beverages!

The electrician should be here this week and then we can fill the hot tub and enjoy!

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Karmyn R said...

I am so jealous.

I want a hottub on those cold evenings when I just need some peace and quiet and a good warm soak. (the rest of the time I can do without). ENJOY!!!