Monday, January 31, 2011

Full, full, full

Life is very full right now...

A very full weekend away with Joe to Spokane to entertain customers... a truly new experience for me... hockey game, peacock room, shopping, churchill's (3.5 hour dinner), the piano bar, breakfast alone with Joe (the only time we got to spend along together)... oh wait, I forgot about the 5.5 hour car ride there and back, big horn sheep, books on cd (ick... I prefer books on paper). Stopping at my new favorite eatery for a turkey sandwich and salsa tasting and few *treats* (turtles, anyone) for late night.

Watching my children *bloom* before my very eyes... 2 days away gives a Mama a whole new perspective... can they really grow that much, can their vocabulary mature, can their ideas change/reform, can they look at their mama in the grocery store when she reaches for their hand and simply smile and hold her hand.

With traveling with Joe came a better understanding of his time spent away from us.... I'll take teaching any day!

Looking ahead to this week... it's full! I have a list of places to be and projects to do, the kids have their schedules and Joe has his... it's full, it's our family...

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