Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What to do...

Baby girl has a sore throat.

She has a cough.

She does not have a fever.

She plays at home, wrestles with the dog and her brothers.

She called me twice from school yesterday... "I'm sick."

My response... "I can come and get you so that you can take a nap or you can participate in school... your choice."

She chose to stay at school.

This morning... no fever, froggy throat... I told her she could stay home in.her.bed.

She was in her bed, until I got back from the bus stop... she thought she could rest on the couch and watch a show.

{NO}... "I'm sorry, you're sick. Back to bed you go."

Called the school... informed them that she would be in bed... "sick"... they all chuckled... I think that means I'm a good mom in their eyes!


Rachel said...

Sounds EXACTLY like Kate a few months ago. Except she decided it'd be more fun to be at school once she discovered she'd be in bed all she got her first "tardy." She chuckled about it on her report card last week, "Mom, remember when I pretended to be sick?" Gotta love em! :) <3
Enjoy your sick day together!

Mama Voss said...

Funny! She's back at school today with out any problems... in fact last night all she could talk about was going back to school... 1 point for mom!!!