Monday, January 10, 2011


Baby Girl had a meltdown... "I'm not good at basketball... I can't dribble..." in all of the 7-year-old drama she could muster.

I had a split second to decide how to respond... I decided to respond with a lesson; which in turn gave me a lesson (doesn't it always work out that way?)

We talked about how she could get better... {PRACTICE}

We came up with a plan... {10 minutes each day}

I involved her brothers... {you will each work with her on different days and you will MAKE IT FUN}

I was so impressed with her first lesson... {Pepe did an amazing job and since Phinneous saw his example, he is on board as well.}

My lessson:
  • I have many things in my life that I feel I can't do right now... hmmm... {PRACTICE}
  • Everything doesn't have to be sooo painful {MAKE IT FUN}
  • It won't happen instantly... {PLAN, TAKE IT SLOWLY}
So, today I will {PRACTICE}... love, patience & new routines.

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Rachel said...

Your post is inspiring and oozing wisdom, friend! <3