Thursday, January 29, 2009

No Kissing

I have been mesmerized with the Duggar Family for awhile... 18 kids... wow... certainly not a life for me. As I watched an episode late last night, while trying to relax after a long day (you would think my head would hit the pillow and I'd be out) I was amazed at the thought of courtship. Josh, from how I understand it, chose Anna as his wife. They knew each other (I'm not sure how they met... I'll have to research it.) He proposed, there was no dating, they always had a chaperon and before their wedding day the closest they ever came to one another was holding hands... no kissing AND they were fine with it.

As I thought about my own 3 years of dating before our engagement... I can't imagine it. No kissing... a chaperone... Do you really get to know someone if you never have the chance to even have a conversation in private? I believe that when you get married it is forever, but it was important to me to know the person I was committing myself to. Obvisouly, everyone is free to do as they please... which is why I love where we live and our freedom, I'm just in wonder.

I wish Josh and Anna well. They make a beautiful, very young couple.


The Millers said...

The relationship between Mark and I started out pretty similar to Josh and Anna's. Chaperones, no kissing, lots of passionate hand holding. Longing stary eyed looks at each other...

YEAH RIGHT!!! Talk about mission impossible. But I do think the sentiment is sweet.
You crack me up!

Karmyn R said...

I agree with you - those deep private moment "after" talks are how you really get to know someone. Considering how rampant divorce is these days, I think it is vital to get to know your partner before marriage. (hopefully, their religion will help them work out their differences).

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I think it's kinda weird, but then again, a family with 18 children is kinda out of the ordinary too.

The Duggars live really close to where my dad does in AR. They're like celebrities there...

...and I find that very odd as well.

I think I'm going down a negative path here, so I'm going to quit.

Happy Saturday.