Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Organizing is in the air

It must be the time of year... fresh start, wind blowing, rain pounding... time to organize!

Raising Russells, Mustard Seeds, and Life at 7000 Feet to name a few. When I googled 'organizing blogs' my hit was over 2 million... we are all addicted to it. I really like to have my stuff organized, but what about the stuff in my head and heart. I enjoy reading posts at the Simple Wife to help me think and organzie that part of me.

This is the year of declutter... in all areas of my life. We are busy as is everyone I see, but it certainly helps to have a plan. Dinner has been prepared for the past two nights (before 5 o'clock peeps... I had a plan), the house is reasonably picked up (I wouldn't be embarassed if you stopped by for a cup of coffee) and I've managed one workout (my arms and legs hurt) and I have another one planned for today. It takes a plan... let me rephrase that... it takes a flexible, realistic plan!


Pamela said...

I subscribed to flylady and I've deleted every email.

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Amen to the flexible and realistic part of the plan. Being an "all or nothing" kind of a girl, I constantly have to remind myself of the realistic part--and the "if it doesn't work today it doesn't mean I should quit completely" flexible part!