Wednesday, October 27, 2010

$ Dollar Store *LOVE*

The $ store and I have a love/hate relationship! Sometimes I love what I find, but often the lack of any type of quality drives me crazy. I love to be frugal, but not cheap. Buy less and buy quality is what I'd rather do.

That being said... I found a few treasures yesterday to share with you.

Just for fun... kids sized bowls that I used on a runner down the table. The kids think they should be filled with candy... I'm not so sure! Maybe pumpkin seeds and nuts? I think today I'll have them filled with their after-school snack.

Adding an unexpected Pop... I had marbles and clear "disks" surrounding my candles, but I found these mini pumpkins and acorns. While they are plastic and a bit "cheesy" I think they added great color and texture to this decoration.

Just because I wanted them... I've wanted new wine glasses for awhile and couldn't force myself to splurge. Then I saw these last week and I've been thinking about them. I ended up bringing home 6 of them for $6), ran them through the dishwasher and hung them up. I love them! They are nice and heavy and tall... perfect. Would I love something fancier... maybe someday. But these glasses won't cause me any heartache when they get hit by a football (it will happen in my house) or dropped on the granite counter.

Happy Wednesday!

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