Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm running?!?!

About 4 weeks ago I was feeling like I was at the depths of despair... okay, maybe not that low, but pretty darn low.

I had some choices to make... get medicated or do something to boost myself.

I chose to do something (although I'm not sure that I'm out of the woods... there is nothing wrong with medication... I'm just going through a lot of transitions and I'm trying to make the right decision for me)... I started running.

OR... maybe I should call it GULPING air! It was pretty awful at first. But I have to say, that surrounded by great friends I have kept at it. I am up to running at least 1.5 miles before I need to stop for a cleansing breath (I usually then walk about 1/4 mile and resume running). My goal has been to run 3 miles... to be able to head out and just run 3 miles. I'm scaring myself that it is getting very near. Last Thursday I went 5 miles... I didn't run all of it, but I ran A LOT!

I have always said... I will never run...

Ha... never say never!

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Rachel said...

Good work, friend! :)