Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Parenting -- ick!

My son had a total break-down about school last night... broke my heart.
  • playground -- specifically the soccer field -- kids are mean, telling him "he sucks". If you know my son you know that he is an athlete... are they just happy when he makes mistakes? He is not my boastful child... he does well and lets it be.
  • classroom -- hates where he sits, was moved from his friends (because he's the kid that can sit with the kids who won't behave). He feels ousted from the group.
  • just plain bullying -- "I can break your wrist... I'm in karate."
  • I'm mean -- I don't like play dates during the school week. Occasionally is fine, but we are busy with practices and homework and they don't get home from school until 4 and I like them in bed by 8:30... doesn't give us a lot of time for play dates. I squelched that one... told him that we do not have play dates on a school day, but I told him I would work harder to set things up on the weekend.
What do I do? My first reaction was to call all the parents of the children he mentioned and "give it to them". Knowing that was not the right thing to do I waited... I calmed down. I chatted with Joe...

We both agree that...
  • this child of ours has most likely been experiencing these things for awhile (he tends to take a lot and then burst) and for whatever reason it all came out today.
  • He is also VERY sensitive... wears his emotions on his sleeve. We are always working with him to let things "roll" off of him.
  • He doesn't understand why people would be mean... he's not a mean spirited kid
So... I can counsel most parents through this issue, but when it comes to MY kid I'm at a loss for what to do.

Advice? (I already emailed the teacher and asked for her observations.)


Thompson Tales said...

We just went through this with Brenton 2 weeks ago, it totally breaks your heart. I think you did the right thing emailing the teacher. I called the principal, because he was being bullied and was physically attacked, funny thing was when I called him, there already was a referral for this kid on his desk...bullies need to be stopped, look at what is happening around the country right now, it is sad.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had easy dead-on answers for this one. You did the right thing notifying the teacher.

I was recently told by another parent: "You are physically exhausted when your kids are small and then emotionally exhausted when they are older."

It is so true.