Friday, October 22, 2010

In pain

It is terrible to watch your child suffer... Phinneous is in PAIN!

While wrestling with his buddies he was SLAMMED into a wall. His wind was knocked out of him... I worked to get him under control and then suggested the boys quit wrestling (fyi -- I hate wrestling... someone ALWAYS gets hurt.)

A little while later the boys were running down the stairs and I heard the classic thud, bump, bump, s.p.l.a.t. It was Phinneous.... now he was really not happy. But, he was headed to the trampoline...

A few minutes later I heard the screeching.... MOM!

He couldn't get off the trampoline... couldn't move... I thought he MUST be cramping... he had pitched that afternoon and he must be dehydrated, etc. I had to climb up through the tiny-kid-sized net and retrieve him (visualize my larger arse climbing through everything... not a pretty site). He was pretty upset... I massaged him and got him ice and gave him an ibuprofen... I figured he'd be fine.

Got him home, positioned him in bed and just waited for him to pass out... which he did... yay! That was short lived as at 2am he was up and in pain. I repositioned him and thought {^&*}... do I take him to the ER... did he break a bone... is it muscular... can it wait til morning...

I chose to wait till morning, but I was up several more times repositioning him... needless to say... no sleep!


Dr. Report... muscle strain... heat, ibuprofin and no physical activity for a week! Hot tub is a great idea (so glad I have one in my backyard)! And Ty!eno! 3 for bed time... yay!

So now I'm exhausted and I'm still waiting for him to pass out. However, he has found the Duck game on TV... it's going to be a long day!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Phinneas! At least it wasn't a cracked rib or broken bone! but still - ouch.