Sunday, November 30, 2008

7 days to PARTY!

Friday morning began and so did Christmas transformation! This is the 7th year that we will host Joe's work Christmas party. Because I've done this before I think... no big deal. And then I get out my lists and look at all of the decorating to be done and I think AAAAAAAGH! How will I ever accomplish all of this?!?!?!?!?!

Boxes to be unpacked.
Joe brings home the tree.
2 trips to Fred Meyer and 6 strands of lights later the tree is lit.
Baby girl helps.
Phinneous helps.
Pepe helps.
It's finished... well, almost. I ran out of ornament hooks and my skinny red garland isn't quite long enough... back to Fred's.
Ah... it really is 9 1/2' tall... Joe is 6'5"... it's a tall tree (and it was a steal... $35)

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on the decorating. We are headed home tomorrow and I plan on tackling the decorating first thing. I can't wait. P.S. Love the apple turkeys! wink, wink!