Saturday, November 8, 2008

Can you say...

Happy Girl?!?!
After a lovely Saturday morning in the rain watching soccer games. We headed downtown to the Heathman Hotel (gorgeous) for Zupan's Bite... it is a charity event for the Sunshine Division. We sampled wonderful food and drinks... I'll be back next year. The boys' were invited to go home with a friend, so it was Daddy, Baby Girl and me. I had spotted Nordstrom and suggested that we get Daddy his much needed shoes. Without missing a beat, Baby Girls says, "I need new shoes too." Well, she didn't get new shoes, but we did hit the sale rack and she bought a much needed pari of jeans (yes, she NEEDED them) and a darling top. What a happy girl!

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Karmyn R said...

I think my comment got sucked into oblivion.

What I said was: I can't believe how much she looks like her brothers. I can see both of them in her face!!