Friday, November 14, 2008

Ping- pong Mommy

Yesterday was one of those days that just makes you feel like you're in a game... a game of ping pong.

Drop off kids A & B,
tidy house,
drop off kid C,
stop at store,
head to school,
set up class,
back to child B's school for Principal lunch (black and white photo to be added),
back to own classroom to teach,
tidy classroom for weekend,
pick up child C,
change clothes,
scoop backyard,
fill recycle container with leaves,
kids A&B off of the bus,
soccer practice,

With my need to simplify, today did not feel very simple, however, I wouldn't change anything. As I thought about it last night I kept coming back to a statement made in our book group class... make it your simple. My simple will not be your simple. So as much as a felt like a ping pong ball, that is my life. I live my life to teach my kids to be great humans. Lunches with principals will throw a wrench into the day, but a very important wrench. Soccer practice at night is a need my son has to be active. Other activities; scooping, raking, errands, etc are just a 'must do'.

So, where do I find my simple. My simple is the little things that make me smile; a cleaned out toy closet, the 'process' of unloading my dishwasher, starting the coffee pot and moving the laundry in one fell swoop. It's getting rid of the excess 'things' in my life, not the extra 'doing' in my life.

What is your simple? I'm sure that it's not my simple. Learn from each other, but be yourself.


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Well said!

Pamela said...

my simple would be letting someone else do it.
sigh. dream.

Katrina J. Cummins said...

Hang on for the ride girl!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

"My simple is not your simple"...I love that because it's so true!