Friday, November 21, 2008

Random Musings

1. Velma... this is for you... in sympathy.

2. Why is my house always a disaster... we're talking tornado level... when someone stops by that has NEVER been here before? It was bad... really bad. I guess I'll be cleaning today.

3. Children... I tell baby girl that I will be out raking leaves while she watches her afternoon show. I finish and take the recycle bins to the curb and my neighbor stops me and says something to the effect that baby girl is at his house. WHAT?!?!?!? She came out looking for you and said you were gone so she's inside watching Tom and Jerry. WHAT!?!?!?!? I apologize profusely to my neighbor and reply, "As you can see, I've been in the backyard raking leaves." We start to laugh... this is so baby girl. You need to understand that my family room has 4 huge windows (we're talking floor to ceiling) and a double slider door. That is 5 opportunities too look out and see me in our 4 feet (not 40 acres, not 40 feet) but 4 feet of yard. So, I head over to collect her (my neighbors are awesome... retired grandma and grandpa... I have no problem with her being there, but I was HOME and in VIEW) and I see baby girl in the recliner, wrapped in a huge white fur blanket watching Tom and Jerry with a glass of juice. Oh, my... we all chuckled over this stunt.

4. End of year soccer party... I am the Soccer Mom... therefore it has been my responsibility to purchase gifts for players (dog tags... slightly disappointed, but cute), gift for coaches, reserve a location, etc. Finally secured a location on Monday... very cool... The Rock Pizza... ever been... everyone loved it. Dog tags purchased and arrived weeks ago. Pepe and I create a photo poster for each boy from at the beginning of the week.

Thursday... big celebration day.
1. Kids off of bus, get snack

2. Head to Costco to pickup posters as well as cake that dear friend ordered. On the way to Costco call dear friend realizing that we do not have a way to cut cake... she will bring such item. Whew... disaster avoided.

3. Pick up items at Costco... have not yet had time to purchase coach gift certificates... no problem we'll get them at Costco. Amazingly, Costco does not have what I want. Stunning, I know.

4. Next to Pizza place is Fred Meyer... we'll get gift cards there... Go in with three kids in the rain, see gift card station... pathetic assortment... Aaaagh! Cruise through store, find big assortment... 2 gift cards to PF Chengs... Yum... Disaster avoided.

5. Back out in the rain, across the parking lot into pizza place. It is 5:15... "your upstairs area will not be ready until 5:30"... no problem at least we get the upstairs area... slight panic with 9 8-yr-old boys to entertain for 15 minutes (plus siblings), but the pizza place is smart... sees many children and gets us upstairs quickly... disaster avoided.

6. Everyone arrives, begins to order... I'm settling down... this is going to be great and then I realize what I've done... I begin to giggle and sink into my booth... I FORGOT the boys dog tags at HOME! All I can do is giggle... and then explain what I've done... Uh, hello... isn't that the whole point in the end of year celebration... to give the boys' their gifts. DISASTER!

7. At least they get a poster... dog tags to arrive soon.

Whew... have a great weekend.


Karmyn R said...

OH NO! How did he get the black eye? Ouch.

Okay, my kids do the exact same thing - I step outside for 5 minutes (and I've clearly told them I'm going outside) and the next thing I hear is screaming inside the house - "Mom, mom, where are you?" Dave does this to them ALL the time - but he just steps outside and doesn't tell them he is going.

Katrina Cummins M.Ed. said...

You go Soccer Mom!
The weekend is finally here...