Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The best birthday surprise EVER!

And I got it on video... except I really didn't... and I'm bummed... but if you could of seen her face.  We told her she was holding our friends new puppy and she oohed and ahhed over her and then... I told her Happy Birthday... this is your new puppy and she just lit up... she couldn't believe it... and I had it all on video... except I didn't.

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Anonymous said...

Oh CUTE!!!!

What fun! Except - I suspect it will be momma who has to help potty train? - so is it partially your birthday present too? haha

What does Jeep think of his new friend?

When we went to Wallowa Lake this summer there were tons of families out with their dogs - and we REALLY missed Zoe. (Zeus is so old and arthritic...he is still hanging in there but considering that he is in his 90's we can't expect much from him) BUT - I'm not ready for a puppy. No siree!