Saturday, August 20, 2011

Time to plan a birthday party!

My kids are deprived... we do birthday parties (with friends) every-other-year.  I know... mean, right?!?

Well, it works for us me.

September begins birthday parties for the next 6 months.  

Baby Girl has decided on a camping party (I said camping, not sleepover... I'm not crazy!) and Pinterest has provided a gaggle of ideas for us to peruse and choose from!

She definitely wants cake pops!

A gift for friends?

S'more station... yum... maybe too much with the cake pops?

Table... so fun!

A tent to hang out in... our green coleman will have to do!

I'm thinking we need to add a craft... please pass along any camping craft ideas... after the party I'll post our actual pictures... happy camping!

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Anonymous said...

What a cool birthday theme!!!

We do the same as you - have a party with friends every OTHER year. Since we had the tea party last year, I don't have to plan one this year....until April.

As far as a craft? picture frames decorated with nature (pinecones, dried flowers, etc). Shrinky dinks always work (turn them into necklaces) Have the kids put Indian designs on them. Make dream catchers? Get some cheap leather and make bracelets - use markers and let them decorate them with outdoorsy themes?

Have fun!!!!