Monday, August 29, 2011

Countdown to School

The kids are headed back to school is 2 days and counting.

As we prepare for the big day (hair cuts, supplies, nerves, etc) I wonder ... did we slow down and enjoy our summer?  Did we spend time together?  Did we get to just "be"?

I don't know that we slowed down... it seems that life is always a bit hectic around here.

We did spend time together... Maui, soccer fields, driving to many soccer tournaments, swimming, etc.

I think I would have prefered more time at home to just be... I certainly know my yard would too. 

 Ready to snorkel.
 Playing together.
 Mama watching the kids play in the pool at night.
 Joey working hard with his team (they took 2nd place 2x this summer).
 Stefan working hard with his team (they took first place 2x this summer).
 Mirror Lake... look at this beauty!
 Wildwood at Mt. Hood
 2nd annual 3-on-3 tournament for Stefan and his buddies... they took 3rd place in their division.
 Putting up the shots!

The comment I heard last night was, "I think I'm ready to go back... it will be fun."  I guess that means we've done well with our summer fun.  Now, to make it through the first day jitters!

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Anonymous said...

You guys were certainly busy this summer!

I like to have days where we do nothing. The kids like it and so do I. But, then I look at our calendar and realize we didn't have that many "do nothing" days ourselves.

School starts on the 7th for us. We've got one more week to chill.