Thursday, August 11, 2011

The coupon craze...

So, I'm reading blogs, printing coupons, organizing them {{ha}}, reading books, more blogs, watching video posts, etc.  I think it all comes down to what works for me!!! I'm not exactly sure what that looks like... yet... but I'm getting there.

I think I'm going to try the "shop with cash & a calculator" method... could be interesting.  I've noticed that there are certain items I buy in which there are so many coupons it is just WRONG if I purchase them without saving any money... yogurt, cereal, etc.

I've also been reading more about cooking ahead and freezing meals.  I believe this is going to be essential in my life.  My boys are eating... a LOT!  And they want food... snacks are not cutting it.  I think I'd like to implement a day of cooking... I don't think once a week is realistic for my life, but every 2 weeks I'm envisioning spending a day in the kitchen... prepping.

Any ideas?!?!?

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Anonymous said...

Shop at Winco? That's my suggestion. If there is one close by - because I come out of there at LEAST $30 cheaper than I would at Freddies. (and when I am there - look for the green tag, because those are on "sale".)

I am clipping coupons too. Some days I have great luck with items and other days NOTHING is worth the coupon. (buy 5 cereals to save $1 is NOT worth it in my book).