Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No other way to say it... my children were {{bad}}!

I had one of those parenting days.  The days when you just want to through your hands in the air and declare your demise.  It was bad... it was the boys... BOTH of them.

It started with an adventure to go swimming... but first let's tidy up, put away laundry etc.  Ack... it took forever.  They kept declaring their work finished and I was dumbfounded.  {{Your work is not finished if I can not walk in your room without walking on something!}}

We finally headed to the pool... my boys screamed and fought with each other forever.  I was the ref... I made them get out of the pool, I made them go eat {{because surely they were misbehaving because they were hungry, right?}}, my girlfriend finally lit into them... and it helped, for a second.

Some days we all end up on our "bums"
By the time I got home, I was done.  I looked at Joe and said, "Our boys were bad... even the friend I brought to the pool was dumbfounded.. she'd never seen them behave like this!"  Joe talked to the boys and made them scoop the yard.

Then, all was quiet.  I heard the tv on and thought {{good}} a little peace.  And then I realized that both boys were asleep and it was only 5:30... but I let them sleep because I was spent.  Baby girl, Joe and I ate dinner and the boys slept.  We had icecream and the boys slept.  I finally tried to move them upstairs for bed {{at 9pm}} and they woke up and they were hungry and then I was up until 10:30 with them and then I declared bed time again 'cause Mommy was tired.

Lesson learned: sometimes big kids are really rotten because they are tired and they need a nap.  I should have just made them go lay down.  In hindsight, Pepe had a long, exhausting weekend of soccer and he was tired.  When Pepe is tired he enjoys bugging Phinneous; which then turns into chaos.  Didn't I learn this when they were 2 and 3 years old?!?!?!?


Rox said...

That's a good reminder that we all need sleep! Sorry your day was no fun, but a good lesson learned!

Anonymous said...

A good lesson for all of us to sleep. My kids have been out of sorts with each other too - and then I realize how much running around we've been doing, late nights, etc.

If only I could get them to believe naps were good things.