Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finding Church :: Magic Muffins

We headed to church without Baby Girl. She chose to not get ready (after being told many times). So, hoping for 'natural consequences' the boys' and I were on our way to enjoy Magic Muffins. They really aren't magic, yet maybe they are as my boys' head to church with delight. Once a month this church has Mini Muffin Cafe... it's a full breakfast peeps and it's delish! I mean if I can go to church and not have to feed anyone; it's done for me... I'd be crazy not to go. I digress... my husband asked, as I was getting ready, if it was a magic muffin day... I thought it was hysterical, laughed and said, no, but it is mini muffin cafe... would you like to join us... someday was his reply. Which works for me.

As I thought about Joe's word snaffoo, I can't tell you how many times I've chuckled over it. Maybe there is something to the muffin cafe, a piece of magic to keep you coming back. It certain allows me to meet people in a non-threatening manner. It has allowed my children, especially my oldest, who was not so crazy about this whole 'church gig', to find comfort in the physical space of the building. He enjoys the ladies who teach sunday school (although, we had to have a talk about throwing his papers away in front of the lades... a little tacky my dear).

This particular Sunday there was a guest group... SpiriTed... have you heard of them? They are a duo... one a screenwriter/music guy from Hollywood/Nashville and the other a musician from Nashville. Incredible... on their off time they travel to churches and perform their show. I really enjoyed it, but I'm a sucker for music... he had a great voice and she was amazing on the oboe and wind instrument. He writes a daily blog... which I haven't read yet... you're on your own for that discovery. His ending message was basically to do good, be good and share what you have been given... simple right? How many times have a I heard that message... so many times. But the piece that was interesting is that you don't have to see someone and tangibly give them something, but live your life so that people may take from you your smile, your encouragement, your thoughts, your sincerity, etc. At least, this is how I'want to use his message to add to my life...

Finding Church :: this is an interesting journey... some of my friends look at me with eyes wide open and tell me to go for them as well, some of my friends have surpassed where I am so long ago, that they don't get what I'm looking for or wanting, some of my friends are just not sure what to do with me and some of my friends support me, but get nervous in supporting me. A journey for sure, for all involved.

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Pamela said...

our culture has changed -- and church is no longer a center of a village.

But you keep doing what you're doing... it's a good thing.(I was channeling Martha Stewart right then)