Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend Fun:: Part 1

We have an extra for the weekend. Good friends headed to Vegas so we get one of the girls. We've had a lot of fun... we'll call her Big Girl. Baby Girl and Big Girl have roomed together this weekend.... it's been a lot of fun to see everyone interact. Big girl is 10 months older than Pepe... I have to admit that everyone has gotten along great!

At the zoo...

Pepe needed to feel like a big kid (he and I have had a rough few weeks... any advice is welcome) so I let him take a few pictures at the zoo with my very new and very expensive camera. His subject... me.... so, here I am.

We enjoyed the animals... baby pig and mama

The elk was incredible. The antlers have 'velvet' on them which from what I'm told means that they are not done growing.

Pepe, Phinneous and Baby Girl climbing on the monkey statues during our picnic.

The zoo has a new baby elephant... I think he was born last summer... he has really grown.

Couldn't resist this napping, lazy zebra...

Friday morning on the way to the bus stop we decided to have a neighborhood block party. Saturday afternoon we decided that "Yes, we're really going to do this." So off Joe went to canvas the neighborhood for participants. The neighbors were excited. Many said that they used to have parties all the time... hmm... I've lived here for 7 years and there has never been a party. Well, that is all about to change. Many people had plans, but for those who didn't we congregated in the cul-de-sac with grills, tables and chairs and enjoyed a lovely Sunday afternoon.

Rule 1... Drink lots of pop!

Rule 2... you can never have too many grills, food, neighbors or conversation!

Rule 3... have fun!
Rule 4... kids play and laugh and play some more!

We'll be doing this again... soon. I nannied for a family that hosted pizza on the porch every (or almost every) Friday night in the summer. Everyone gathered, brought a dish/salad and enjoyed great company. I want to start something like this. Every Friday doesn't quite seem realistic, yet... so I'm thinking every-other-Friday and since we grill year round... it has to be "bring something for the grill' and a salad. We'll see what happens :)

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