Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wrestling... will I win?

What a week it's been. We are wrestling with a big decision and I truly do not know what is the best decision. Ugh, that is so frustrating. We were told about an opportunity to try out for a Premiere/Select soccer spot. They were going to pick two time during this tryout. Pepe loves soccer... LOVES it. After being told about it I told my husband, but I told him I wasn't going to tell Pepe. After a few days I felt guilty in not telling him, so I asked him if he would be interested in trying out.... his response was a resounding yes.

Now, part of me not telling him was time commitment, money commitment, but mostly protection for him from rejection. He's a very good player, but what if he didn't make a team. Would he be able to handle it. Of course, he would handle it but could I save him from feeling pain and rejection. I knew in my heart that this had to be his choice. This is one of the first steps of raising a responsible boy... eventually a man. Dramatic, maybe... but these were my thoughts and worries.

Tuesday... tryouts. He was excited. Got ready, packed bag, headed to tryout and then had a small panic attack. What's a mom to do... he really wanted to do this. I know my son and I know that this is strictly a panic about the people, the set-up etc. I chose to make him go out on the field. I knew that as soon as they blew the whistle he would be all business, and he was. (Ok, there really is a story about how I got him on the field, and maybe someday I'll tell it... the point is, he went out there). I was so proud of him... he did an incredible job. He was put through tests, sprints and scrimmages.

After the tryout, the coaches talked with the parents. There plan was to put 14 boys on the Premiere Team and 14 boys on the Select Team (in case you don't know soccer, Premiere is the best, then Select, then Recreation). They immediately extended 7 offers to 7 boys for the Premiere team... they were all older boys and very good players. Then they asked all of the other boys to come back on Thursday. Pepe was fine with this.... good for those boys as he didn't want a spot on that team anyway.

Thursday rolls around and we head back to the field. Pepe is fine... no panic attack (because he's seen it and been through it all... no problem today). They begin the tryout and Pepe looks good, but all of the boys look good. Then it come to scrimmaging. They divide the boys into 4 color teams and have two teams at a time play against each other. Pepe sits out the first round and I prepare my pep talk in my head. Then he gets in and plays and I am a proud mama. He looks great. He comes out to sit and they take his jersey and give him a different color to wear. He heads back out to play again and again gives it his all. The scrimmages finally end and they start lining the boys up... some on this side, some on that side. Pepe gets moved to that side and again I polish up my "it's okay, you rocked it speech" in my head. The coaches take turns talking to each of the two groups and then Pepe runs over to me and says, "The coach wants to talk with you." Off I go, to get the news.

Guess what? He was offered a spot on the Premiere team! Excitement, nerves, panic, elation, all run through me at the same time. Then, I think, wait... we wanted the Select Team... less commitment (but still a huge commitment), money, etc. So, I just listen to the coaches. They did not feel that they could make two teams, so they decided to make one Premiere team. OMG... my 9 year old just made the U-11 Premiere Team... he's not only playing up a whole year, but he's made the Premiere team. I keep listening and we finally head out. We both need to collect ourselves.

So, now we are taking a few days to decide what we want to do. It is a 1-year commitment. Practice 2x a week with a game on the weekend, 4 -tournaments to play in (3 local and 1 in Seattle)... all doable, Joe and I will commit to make it work, but I need Pepe to really think and decide if this is what he wants. I've had LOTS of people give me their opinion... some very reassuring, some very eye-opening and honest and some plain ridiculous. Needless to say, I've done a lot of wrestling this week. I am okay with either decision he makes and that we make as a family, however, I am nervous. He's our oldest so we've never been through anything like this before.

Good thoughts my friends... big decision to be made. But in the end, I'm so proud of Pepe for making the team. What a kid!

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Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Congratulations to Pepe! That is awesome and quite an accomplishment.

Now - that does sound like a commitment (one that I am not ready for myself) - however, for a whole year of soccer - that pretty much makes it clear that there wouldn't be any other big activities/sports during that time.

Jammin' has decided to try out soccer in the fall - because baseball is do dang boring to him.