Sunday, May 17, 2009

A little Sunday rambling...

  • Today, my friends, is our 12-year-anniversary... that's right... 12 years! That sounds awfully grown-up to me... cracks me up, actually. I should have all kinds of great advice, my routines should be in order, it should all be easy. It is never easy, but always worth it and I do it all over again. Happy Anniversary Joe! (see photo above... it's the only decent one there is... I have wedding photos, but I don't have a scanner, too bad)
  • I spent 3 hours yesterday morning at the ball field. Phinneous had practice before his game so I (by myself) went for a walk around the big city of R. I loved it... my music blaring in my ears, looking at the different home and styles, thinking about how the city developed over the years, the beautiful flowers, the sun in my eyes... it was great.
  • I then spent 4 more house at the ball field with Pepe, although this time I had the pleasure of working the concession stand and I had the privilege of working the grill... ugh!!! Thank goodness it was a slow Saturday night, by the time I left I smelled like a greasy burger. I headed straight home for a shower and more ibuprofen... that's right folks concession stand topped with a headache (a headache that I still have this morning).
  • And baby girl... she is a play structure queen... the huge structure is strategically placed behind the boys' baseball field. She played and ran in the beautiful air for 4 hours. She has also discovered the concession stand and how important quarters are to her... 1 quarter gets her 3 laughy-taffy's! SCORE... mama wasn't so happy when one of the parents told me that baby girl threw out her hotdog... the hotdog that I grilled for her. So, sadly, her concession stand fun was finished.

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Karmyn R said...

Happy Belated 12th Anniversary. VERY AWESOME!!!

And just like that - time keeps on astounding me with its speed.

I have been very fortunate to have a baby to use as an excuse NOT to have to volunteer for those concession stands. (but that will end soon enough)