Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sniff ** sniff ** Milestone...

Baby girl came home from school with a huge smile on her face!

She had her shoe trophy in hand (being the other preK teacher, I knew what it symbolized). She had tied her shoe! At the beginning of the year each child gets a white canvas shoe that they decorate. Throughout the year the children practice tying their shoe. When they can do it with some consistency they earn their trophy to take home.

She was so excited! She must have tied and untied the shoe 50 times to practice. She walked to the bus to show the boys as soon as they got home. AND... like good brothers they praised her!

We hung out on my bed while she tied her shoe over and over and over again. At one point she leaned over and said, "Give me a hug mom... I'm so proud of myself!" She received LOTS of hugs. I am so proud of her... but a part of me wanted to cry. My baby girl is so independent; for which I'm grateful, however, she is needing me less and less each day. ** sniff, ** sniff

** I went to take a picture of baby girls shoe and I couldn't find it. When I tucked her into bed there it was... nestled right beside her on the pillow. Too cute!

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Karmyn R said...

OOH - love the new look.

YEAH Baby Girl!!! Now she is ready for Kindergarten! Buttercup is still trying (but we really haven't worked on it that much, considering everything she has is velcro or slip-on)