Monday, March 23, 2009

Ewwww... That's Gross!

After a very busy week, including a busy Friday night, I was finally home. I was so excited to get into my pjs and relax. I pulled into the garage and the routine began... let the dog out of the kennel, kids take shoes off... Baby Girl was taking her shoes off, standing at the front of the suburban and says... "Mom, what's that?" while pointing to the front of my car.

(This is not a real picture of my car... I couldn't do that to you... just some random suburban.)

I look and then I look again and then I look again and screech, "DON'T TOUCH IT!" I was scared, but I looked further... it was feathers. Quickly, in my mind I say a little prayer... please let it just be a couple of loose feathers, please let it be a coupld of loose feathers... look a little further and I see claws... OH, MY GOODNESS, I think it's a bird. The three of us (baby girl, Pepe and myself) scream like little girls and shake (because you know, that helps).

Just then, Joe pulled up with Phinneous. "Ummm, honey. I need you to look at the front of my car."

He looks and does the, "NO WAY!" shout. With one fell swoop, he grabs a bag and pulls the poor bird out of the grill of the suburban. I couldn't watch... I ran inside. I'm just so brave, you know.

We both sat and wondered... when did it happen, how long has it been there, etc. I finally ask, "Was it warm?" "Yes", he replies... but that could be because you've been driving around like that all afternoon/evening.

Ewwww! That's Gross!

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Pamela said...

It was probably a spotted owl - and now there is an arrest warrant out for you. tsk tsk.