Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life with 3 :: Tip 1

A dear friend gave me this advice when my kids started getting active with organized activities. It's simple, but it works...


We have a bag for each activity. Sometimes it seems like the back of my car is full of bags, but it so so helpful when dropping kids off for different activities. Whether it be music class, baseball, swim team, basketball, etc. Pack a bag.

Music Class:: Bag provided. Ours is purple. Easy to find... everything stays together.
  • Instrument remains in the bag when not in use.
  • Folder with practice sheets and class papers stay in the bag.
  • Need to bring something to class... put it in the bag.

Swim Team:: We have two bags.
  • One mesh bag with equipment... kick board, pull, goggles, extra goggles.
  • One bag for shampoo/conditioner (in a ziploc bag), comb, extra underwear, etc.

Baseball:: Trust me... put it all in a baseball bag. The fields get gross. You do not want that muck and mud rolling around in your car. For baseball season, the boys' have real baseball bags.
  • At first, we tried to use a regular duffel bag, however, the beauty of a baseball bag is that it can be clipped to the chain-link fence in the dugout. This makes it very easy for the boys' to keep their things together. I never played ball, so I didn't understand this concept until my kids started to play. Also... if your boys' loose/forget their gear in the dugout... just give their end of game treat to their sister (or threaten to) and I promise they will never forget their gear again. Seems harsh, but it worked... the first time.
  • bat
  • glove/mit
  • baseball
  • batting helmet
  • baseball hat
This goes for soccer and basketball as well. Pack a bag.

Snacks:: Your kids are playing hard and every mom should be prepared with snacks.
  • I like to give them a little something before practice (this can certainly be given at home, but sometimes, it's in the car).
  • I also like to have something when they are done practicing. Lately, I've been buying organic chocolate milk from Costco in the cartons. I read an article that chocolate milk is very good at quickly replacing lost nutrients while exercising. The kids love this treat.
  • I also bring along granola bars, individual bags of crackers (no need to purchase pre-bought bags, just fill bags/small containers at home and pack them), and fruit (apples, bananas and oranges are pretty easy). I tend to have a snack bag... makes it easy to find...
  • Don't forget to keep 'baby' wipes handy
  • Water bottles. Kids need water. I've purchased sports bottles and we wash and reuse. Sometimes I'll add a powder flavor mix to their water for variety.

Mom Bag:: I find myself with wait time.
  • When we have practice at our health club I take time to exercise.
  • If I'm outside at a park, I play with Baby Girl.
  • I always have my i-pod,
  • a magazine and book,
  • mail to be read (I don't take bills to pay or financial info with me... I'd rather take care of that at home),
  • easy homework assignments, etc.

Take the time to pack your bags...


Anonymous said...

Very smart advice....

especially considering that we drove all the way to the pool for swimclass and when we got there realized the backpack with our towels and clean underwear was left at home. No underwear we can deal with - but no towels? Now I keep a bag with towels in the van.

(I will look into the baseball bag considering it is starting again soon)

Pamela said...

made me grin, bag lady.
I may start doing the same for my "old woman" activities. I do have my art stuff in one bag. But it is huge.