Sunday, March 8, 2009

LIfe with 3:: Tip 2

** Divide & Conquer **

It's a term my dear friends have heard me utter many times. We are all about time at home, time together and being a family. But over the last year or so, as the kids have become more involved with activities, the term 'divide & conquer' has become a normal occurrence in our vocabulary.

1. one parent takes the boys, one takes the girl and get's things done.
2. one parent takes the kids, the other takes the grocery list
3. one parent takes a kid to one side of town, one takes the others to the other side of town.
4. one parent runs the errands, one stays and gets housework, laundry, yard work, etc. completed

Just divide the tasks... they may not be equal, it's about what makes sense. Then when the tasks are complete... enjoy your time together... play a game, watch a movie, make dinner together... be a family!
* Tips are not listed in any particular order... usually just as I use them!

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