Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kid Talk

Do your kids have fun ways to say words or phrases? Mine sure do... here are a few.

She says 'make-up plate'... it's really 'make-it plate' ... in reference to do it yourself art plates.

She says 'libs'... it's really 'ribs'... in reference to (make smacking sound with lips) I really love libs.

He said 'gotfor' it's really 'forgot'... in reference to I forgot to put my toys away.

He said 'azzics' it's really 'Asics' in reference to Mom, can you fill up my Asics waters bottle for basketball practice?

There are more... I'll post them as I remember them... post yours in the comment sections... kids are too funny!

Edited to add:

Goodnight... don't let the bug-beds bite!... of course it should be bed-bugs.


Frugal Fanny said...

My favorite in our house is "croc-o-di-gle" for crocodile.

Anonymous said...

we have "pack-pack" for back pack (said really really fast).