Saturday, March 7, 2009


I found myself, amongst the stress of life, happy for the JOYFUL moments of the week...

1. JOYFUL that Phinneous is finally feeling better. He was out of school most of the week. He put himself to bed on multiple occasions... 15 hour stretch one night, 7 hour naps... just plain sad.

2. JOYFUL for Joe's return home from his business trip... I always miss him and appreciate his return.

3. JOYFUL to watch father and son working on throwing, pitching and catching... and happy about it. I stood and watched with joy.

4. JOYFUL for Baby girl who keeps me on my toes... her questions, need for love, snuggles and time makes me feel needed.

5. JOYFUL for friends. I called a friend for help with my Research class... why go it alone, when you have resources... right?!??!? And Frugal Franny for her willingness to slap down coffee.

6. JOYFUL for my quest to exercise and set a healthy example for my kids. It's very hard for me to squeeze it in... but I think that is a problem for most of us. I'm trying to teach my body to run (which I HATE, by the way). I found this program and I'm thinking about giving it a try.

8. JOYFUL for sleep... I slept in today. Felt great, but woke feeling groggy... I hope I'm not getting ill. Took a nap, a very long nap, this afternoon... I hope I'm not getting ill.

9. JOYFUL for my coworkers... they came for lunch this week. It is very nice to have an off-site staff meeting.

JOY... what are you joyful for?

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