Monday, March 2, 2009

Life with 3

Life with 3 may become a recurring post. I often hear, "How do you do it with three." It's not I'm the only person with three kids, but my husband has ALWAYS traveled. Often, I am by myself with the three of them.
Phinneous did not acknowledge Baby Girl for over a month. He didn't want anything to do with her. I was sad, but knew to give it time. He was so little and he was still my baby.

Pepe was born in April 2000. Before he was 1 I found out that I was preggo with Phinneous. Phinneous decided to enter life a month early, thus the boys are 19 months apart (he was born in November 2001). By January of 2003, we learned that I was preggo again. Baby girl decided that it was really important to enter our lives and arrived 5 weeks early (after being held off for weeks). Therefore Phinneous and baby girl are 21 months apart. So... there I was with a not quite 3 year old, a 21 month old and a newborn... with a traveling husband... UGH! It can be ugly at times, but truly life is good. There are many moments of their toddler years that are a blur... but I have pictures! Pepe couldn't get enough of Baby Girl. He held her for hours after she came home. He too, still felt like he should be my baby, but he very quickly became a BIG brother.

Not to say... "do it like me"... but I think we can all learn from each other. So in that regard I want to share my experiences, my do's, my don'ts, my joys, my lows... my Life with 3...

My two boys visited me daily in the hospital while we let Baby Girl finish 'cooking'. It was hard on everyone... especially daddy. I don't know how other women do it. I was on strict bed-rest for 12 days... some of you do it for months. (Although, they day they released me, I turned right back around and delivered Baby Girl.)

My kids are now at the age of extra curricular activites and in our house that equates to EVERY SPORT POSSIBLE. Some, think I'm crazy. I think "I have two boys that are 19 months apart and are awesome students and leaders and they need a way to let go"... (Off of my soap box now...) As much as I enjoy my time at home, I do not enjoy hearing myself YELL at my children... BE NICE, NO HITTING, SHARE THE BALL, DO NOT TELL YOUR SISTER TO DO THAT, etc, etc, etc. I have chosen to help them with their needs to move with playing sports. This is possible for us because of how they perform at school. Each year I reasses how they are doing. I don't want to over burden them, but I do understand the need that my kids have to move.


Anonymous said...

They were so cute back then! I remember them well at that age. That is what I see in my head....and am always shocked when I see a recent picture.

I get asked the same question too - however, having older kids made it a lot easier to have the 3rd. I can't imagine having them so close together. Jammin' and Buttercup help me so much - sometimes it takes me to tell them more than twice, but they always do.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

They are precious BUT you are right you need that retreat! :0)

lisaschaos said...

They're all so cute! I had four, it was tough and not so sure it's easier now that they're all almost grown. :)

I still have your altered book, I just seem stuck, trying to come up with a great idea! Hopefully will get it done and passed on this week. :)