Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Happenings

...edited to add pictures...

1. Found the site 24/7 moms (see button on side and click to view)... looks like it should be a good one.

2. Did mounds of laundry... none of it is put away yet.

3. Walked with a friend and kids and dogs... always an adventure.

4. TONS of homework... I may be posting as much over the next 6 weeks... this is a research class and I am overwhelmed already with only 1 week in.

5. Attended the school carnival (YUCK!)... not a fan, but the kids had fun.

6. Boys' were invited to a birthday party (together), so we took baby girl for a date night. She picked App!ebees (r
eally?). It was all worth it to see her excitement. Dinner for 3 at App!ebees is not cheap... if I'm going to spend that kind of money I should be somewhere else. Don't get me wrong... App!ebees is fine... for lunch with a girlfriend, but not date night with hubby.

7. Boys' cut off all of their hair... pictures soon.

8. This clothing site looks promising for kids... a part of Gymboree, I believe.

9. Clipped coupons, shopped and saved $12 just in couplons... under $100 in groceries for the week.

10. Last month I challenged us to cut our grocery bill in half... just because... we didn't get it in half, but we did cut it by 1/3... YEAH for us... it felt great and we still ate great... we just made better choices!

Happy Monday!

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Pamela said...

prices going up... how did you cut it.
(I guess I should quit cooling garbage and eat it before it spoils. that would help)